Statements of One Wisconsin Institute Regarding Potential Wisconsin Recount

'Every Voter’s Vote Deserves to be Counted'

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Institute Executive Director, Scot Ross, regarding today’s meeting of the Election Commission discussing a potential presidential recount in Wisconsin:

“Every voter’s vote deserves to be counted, which is why we have been fighting so hard against Republican-backed restrictions that make it harder and more complicated for eligible voters to cast their ballot.

“Regardless of what Donald Trump tweets, we proved in court that the real fraud is Republican politicians rigging the system by changing the rules for their partisan gain.

“In our federal voting rights lawsuit, the judge found that leading up to the election the State of Wisconsin failed to do enough to inform legal voters about their options for obtaining and helping them get a voter ID for the November election.

“Whatever the results of a recount, we know that the final tally won’t include the votes of thousands of legal voters who lacked an ID and were turned away at the polls or simply stayed home because they knew they would be denied their right to vote.

“The fight for voting rights is bigger than any one campaign, candidate or political party. And it will continue until the right of every legal voter in Wisconsin to cast their vote and to have that vote counted is secured.”

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