Straight Talk Express Can’t Get McCain to DC for the People’s Work

While he’s out on the road glad-handing lobbyists and raising millions of dollars from corporate donors, John McCain seems to be forgetting one thing – his duty to his constituents.

According to the Washington Post, McCain missed 304 votes in the 110th Congress—that’s 56.8% of the total votes by the Senate for the session. In between his rousing speeches about the economy (and how he doesn’t get it) or how he’s going to “bomb bomb bomb” Iran, he managed to cast only 231 votes. McCain trails his next closest competitor by 100 votes.

In fact, the only Senator who has missed more voted than McCain is Senator Tim Johnson (South Dakota), who you’ll remember had a brain hemmorrhage on 12/13/2006, and missed several months while recovering. McCain cast exactly 7 more votes than Sen. Johnson this session.

Sure, its tough for presidential candidates to make votes whil on the trail, but many times McCain is the only senator running for president who misses a vote. He missed votes on Iraq, budget isses, and immigration bills. He skipped out on his obligations to his constituents and to his country.

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