Supervisors accuse Walker of cutting building inspection funding

Following OWN’s revelation that Walker vetoed $150,000 for county building inspections in 2008, the Milwaukee County Supervisors are now also questioning Walker’s commitment to keeping county buildings safe and well maintained.

Some county supervisors accuse County Executive Scott Walker of cutting money for building inspections.

The accusations follow the deadly concrete collapse at O’Donnell Park, and contend he’s pumping money into those checks now that this is in the spotlight.

The public works director faced questions and criticism. “We’ve seen the tragedy. We understand the potential consequence,” said Sup. Gerry Broderick.

Following the collapse, the county moved quickly, granting a no-bid emergency inspection contract to Graef engineering.

They’ve already found problems at the Milwaukee County Transit Center and the Milwaukee County Zoo.

“When was the the last time that the rest of our county buildings and assets were inspected?” asked Sup. Marina Dimitrijevic.

But nothing is a higher priority to Walker than saving money, not even public safety:

The county executive’s office concedes Walker vetoed outside, contracted checks in years past, opting to save money by handling them internally.

Walker’s public works director’s response to Supervisor Dimitrijevic’s question:

“A number of facilities were done in 2008, a number that what were done in 2007 and then there were quite a few done in 2006,” said Public Works Director Jack Takerian.

Boy, that sure is real accountability.

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