Supreme Court Piece Gets Revealing Angry Response from Bigot

The following text (in two e-mails) below was received from, commenting on a brief analysis (SC Decision Striking Down Gun Control Is Fine with This Progressive) on the Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290), that was picked up in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday.

Well, let’s hope this guy,, doesn’t own a gun.

The ad hominem attempt (below among many) to insult by raising the possibility of my being a “fag” merits a reply: Being gay is okay. As is working for the people residing in “Milwaukee’s ghetto population”.

Thanks for reading, But perhaps, you ought to consider a change of vocation, like training pit bulls or reviving the KKK as a bulwark against “Milwaukee’s ghetto population” and its “fag” sympathizers. I bet that would pay well. Text from is below. He’s very passionate. )

Your (sic) an idiot, you rip the US Supreme Court because it has a conservative bent. You liberal cut and run coward cockroaches are the ones that are the most partisan, corrupt losers of our day. You whine when conservatives expect YOU to work rather to live off government handouts living out of mommy and daddy’s basement. President Bushes (sic) greatest legacy, will be Roberts and Alito, which will alter correctly and fix the liberal blunders of past courts. Now if we can only get rid of Stevens and Ginsburg. McCain will do that in the next 4 years. Before you cry out in rage, saying Barrack Hussein Nobama will win! LMAO 20-30% of democrats like my mother and father WILL NOT vote for Hussein and WILL vote for McCain. Older Americans will vote for the war hero over the admitted crack smoking Muslim Manchurian candidate put up by the liberals. It will be 58-42% win for McCain, as Obama will not win 1 southern state and will lose Ohio and Pennsylvania badly. The liberals will cry out in disbelief, claiming fraud and other sore loser talking points. LMAO, and for you fat fuck liberal cockroach, BUSH and CHENEY will never be impeached much less removed as they have done nothing wrong. In fact moonbat liberal loser, lets take a vote now. In the senate you wouldn’t get 15 votes to impeach and in the House you would not get even a 100 votes. Get ready for at least 8 more years of republicans in the White House, GUARANTEED!!!!!!! I will put up my salary which I am pretty sure is 5-6 times what yours is to make the bet?

PS (sic) Calling yourself “progressive” is a way to hide your self loathing, self realization that being a liberal is wrong and self hating. GET a JOB become Republican, start liking yourself again, or commit suicide, either way, your loss would be no big deal

Don’t read your blog, did you cry like a whiny fag bitch, when Gableman kicked “Loophole” Louie Butlers (sic) ass in that last election? Giving Wisconsin a conservative edge, negating our dumgass (sic) loser Govenor (sic). By the way, outside the Peoples Republic of Madison, and Milwaukee’s ghetto population, this state is predominately a conservative state.

# # #

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