‘Swinging’ Kim Simac Signed Shockingly Strict Marriage Declaration

The public has a right to call foul over her hypocrisy in signing the abhorrent Manhattan Declaration

Extremism from neo-neo-conservatives is par for the course these days. Case in point: tea party leader and state senate candidate Kim Simac.

Excluding same-sex couples from the institution of marriage is just one area where right-wing fringe leaders like Simac are out of touch with mainstream Americans. In November 2009, Simac announced via Twitter that she had signed the Manhattan Declaration — an anti-gay-and-lesbian tirade masked as some sort of founding document, with a preamble and everything.

I’ll spare you the ugly details of its hateful message, but one particularly interesting passage reads: “We confess with sadness that Christians and our institutions have too often scandalously failed to uphold the institution of marriage and to model for the world the true meaning of marriage.” It goes on to excoriate same-sex couples: “We acknowledge that there are those who are disposed towards homosexual and polyamorous conduct and relationships, just as there are those who are disposed towards other forms of immoral conduct.”

I added the emphasis for a reason.

In May, Politiscoop broke the story that Kim (Mailette) Simac and her current husband Arthur filed for divorce from their spouses on the very same day:

Was it “traditional” for Kimberly Jo Maillette and Arthur P. Simac, to file for divorce from their respective previous spouses…on the very same day, December 15, 1993? What an incredible coincidence. From the numbers assigned to their divorce cases, it appears that these two walked in to the court house, one right after the other, receiving case #1993FA000188 and #1993FA000189. Who knows? Perhaps they met in line while filing their divorce cases and romance bloomed? And, then again, maybe pigs fly.

But the saga doesn’t end there:

It appears that the two couples filed for a divorce on the same day and that Kim and Arthur used the same attorney for the divorce, though their respective spouses used different attorneys to represent each other. (So far so good right?). But wait! It then turns out that Cynthia and James dropped their attorneys at the same time before the proceedings were final, we found this strange but it was soon cleared up when we found out that Cynthia is now married to James and obviously Kim is now married to Arthur. Ah how simple, they merely swapped spouses!

Personal matters are personal matters, true, but when right-wing fringe groups and their leaders threaten public policy attacks on the ability of same-sex couples to join the institution of marriage, blatant hypocrisy becomes fair game in public debate (see: Randy Hopper, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Newt Gingrich, Charlie Sykes, etc).

So because spouse-swapping Simac has such a peculiar personal past, the public has a right to call foul over her hypocrisy in signing the abhorrent Manhattan Declaration.

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