Frank Lasee

Group Wants Senator Lasee Comments Investigated

One Wisconsin Now thinks law enforcement should investigate. It referred us to a written statement from its executive director, Scot Ross, “Frank Lasee owes us an explanation for why he failed to report these crimes, if in fact they actually occurred.” [WBAY]

Is Wacky Reps Ouster the Death Nail for TABOR?

At the beginning of the year I openly wondered if the ‘€œTaxpayer’€™s Bill of Rights’€ (TABOR) was totally and completely dead because the only one attempting to revive it was off the wall State Representative Frank Lasee (R-Bellevue). He announced his intentions even though TABOR and similar proposals had already been repeatedly shot down by […]

Poisoning Your Neighbors as a Civic Duty

Last week Rep. Frank Lasee announced his latest harebrained scheme, to drill for oil in the Great Lakes. There is nothing like handing over your most precious resource to an industry that can’€™t be trusted. And for what? For the remote chance that they will find (or spill) oil in 15 years and possibly save […]

Another horrible idea from the inexhaustible genius, Frank Lasee

From the legislator who brought the great state of Wisconsin a plan to arm teachers with guns in an effort to curb school violence (you all remember his hilarious appearance on the Daily Show about 2 years ago’€¦), comes another idea worthy of all kinds of jokes and ridicule ‘€“ lifting a ban on drilling […]