Research shows impact of student loan debt

Scot Ross, Executive Director of the Institute for One Wisconsin, a Madison-based group with a liberal orientation, said they received 2650 responses to a survey on student debt in the state. Findings include the loss of $200 million in new car purchasing power, and decreased chances of home ownership, as people struggle to pay student loans. […] [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Petri paid no state income tax for four years

A member of the state’s congressional delegation paid no state income taxes for four years. With tax record issue front and center during this political season, Scot Ross with the liberal advocacy groupOne Wisconsin Now said Congressman Tom Petri was the only member of Wisconsin’s eight-member House delegation who paid no state income taxes for any […] [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Gov. Walker: No implementing ObamaCare until after elections

Governor Scott Walker says Wisconsin still will not work to implement so-called Obamacare. Republicans in Congress and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have vowed to repeal the law. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now says Walker and Republicans need to, “stop fighting against consumers.” In a statement, Deputy Director Mike Browne says, “Consumers now have […] [WTAQ]

Voter ID cases unlikely to be decided by election day

A judge is expected to rule next month on a challenge to Wisconsin’s photo ID law. The decision would come weeks before this fall’s primary elections. Yet, as WUWM’s Ann-Elise Henzl reports, it is unlikely the state’s policy will be set in stone, by the time voters go to the polls. Groups have filed four […] [WUWM]

Lawmaker Drops Out of Photo ID Lawsuit

State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer (I-Manitowoc) says he’s no longer involved in a lawsuit seeking to preserve Wisconsin’s Voter ID law, following questions about how attorney fees in the case were being paid for. Liberal group One Wisconsin Now has asked the Government Accountability Board to determine if the Manitowoc Independent and Republican state Representative Robin […] [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Manitowoc Rep. Ziegelbauer Withdraws Voter ID Law Request Amid Complaint

A state lawmaker says he’s no longer trying to intervene in a lawsuit so he could try to preserve Wisconsin’s photo ID law for voting. Independent Bob Ziegelbauer of Manitowoc withdrew his request, after the Government Accountability Board received a complaint about it. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now asked the Board to determine if […] [WTAQ]

How to Buy a Recall Election

Governor Scott Walker is not trying to win the Wisconsin recall election that will be held June 5. He is trying to buy it. As One Wisconsin Now’s Mike Browne says: “Given Wisconsin’s worst in the nation record on jobs and the cuts to schools and health care to pay for corporate tax breaks under […] [NPR]

Wisconsin DA’s responding differently to requests of probes into fake Dems

Wisconsin prosecutors are responding in different ways to a request to file felony charges against fake Democrats in last year’s Senate recall primaries. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now has asked prosecutors to criminally charge the 6 Republicans who ran as Democrats in last summer. They gave the GOP senators an extra month to campaign, […] [WSAU]

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Mitt Romney to Lay Out Jobs Plan Today, and More

Yesterday – workers around the nation celebrated Labor Day.  But in Wisconsin – the day was spent rallying workers against Governor Scott Walker who declared war on organized labor earlier this year.  The organization “One Wisconsin Now” spearheaded the effort, releasing a statement saying, “We celebrate Monday the many contributions of organized labor and working men […] [Thom Hartmann]

GAB Tosses Complaints About 3 GOP Senators

Olsen’s wife, Joan Wade, heads the educational agency for east central Wisconsin – and the liberal group One Wisconsin Now accused Olsen of drafting a bill that lets his wife profit financially. Olsen called the complaint a stunt to help his recall challenger Fred Clark, but Scot Ross of One Wisconsin now said Olsen got […] [WTAQ]

The Politics Behind Voter ID

“This is about putting up obstacles to legal voters being able to exercise the franchise,” says Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, an advocacy group that opposes the changes. “That is the scheme that the Republicans have concocted on this.” Ross says tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters lack the photo ID that […] [NPR]

Group’s Petition Urges Justice Prosser to Resign

The progressive group One Wisconsin Now says it delivered more than 10,000 names to the state Supreme Court Tuesday, calling for the resignation of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. One Wisconsin Now says “there is no excuse for David Prosser’s conduct.” The group also condemns Prosser for previous incidents, including one in which he […] [WUWM]

Gov. Walker signs voter ID bill amid protests

The new law would spend $7 million – most of which would make free ID’s for those who want them. But “One Wisconsin Now” director Scot Ross says people could only get them during business hours on weekdays – and many must travel long distances to get them at motor vehicle offices. [WTAQ]

Walker Signs Voter ID Bill

But the liberal group “One Wisconsin Now” has its doubts – and its director, Scot Ross, says they’ll keep consulting with attorneys on a possible lawsuit. [WHBL]

Threat of legal action hangs over voter ID bill

Republicans in the state Legislature introduced a measure on Wednesday that would require voters to show photo identification before registering or casting ballots.  As WUWM’s Marti Mikkelson reports, already there’s a threat of a legal challenge if the bill passes. [WUWM]

Plenty of activities planned for Inauguration Day

Tonight in Madison, while the new governor is attending the Inaugural Ball, members of the group One Wisconsin Now will hold a charity fund raiser. Scot Ross is executive director. “One of the impetuses for doing this is we were really disappointed when Governor-elect Walker decided to turn his inaugural events into partisan political fundraisers,” […] [WUWM-FM]