Terry Moulton

Bill favors rent-to-own firms

“This is a sleazy attempt to prioritize a predatory industry over the consumer safety and financial well-being of Wisconsinites,” Scot Ross. [Associated Press]

Organizers file more than 1 million signatures to recall Walker

Organizers of the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday filed what they said were more than a million signatures, a number that nearly matches Walker’s vote total from 2010 and almost doubles the number of signatures needed to trigger another election.  United Wisconsin, the organization formed to recall the governor, said it turned […]

Exactly Who is Terry Moulton Working for?

After repeated problems involving door-to-door sales crews in Wisconsin, legislation was proposed in the state legislature that would regulate the practice. That legislation was almost singlehandedly blocked by the Eau Claire state Rep. Terry Moulton who chaired the committee responsible for taking up the measure. Blocking such common sense legislation is bad enough, but doing so with […]