Take the One Wisconsin Now Poll: Was This the Worst Decade in American History?

The Oughts.

We started with Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman throwing in the towel before Al Gore had given up the fight… and ended with JoeParty “President” Lieberman deciding he simply would not allow actual health insurance pass.

And he got his way on both.

On the scale of horrors, we were pummeled over and over again. We had the inconceivable evils of 9/11 and the war of choice in Iraq. The rise of Hannity, Malkin, Beck and O’Reilly. Hell, a major television network’s White House correspondent is Chuck Todd. Baconnaise. The economic collapse. “Flavor of Love” and “Jersey Shore.”

Truly, the history books may conclude that when George W. Bush punctured the infant lungs of the 21st century, the first casualty was shame. 

But what do you think? Was this the worst decade in American history? Post a comment below and say yes, no, and let us know why. Bonus points for sarcasm.

You lie!

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