Talkative Walker Hits the Mute Button

There is less than a week before Milwaukee County chooses a County Executive and the incumbent has been all over the place with his campaign talking points. He has been shoving his way to nearly every camera and open mic that he can find, to ‘€œput lipstick on the pig‘€ that is his administration. Although it has been an absolute train wreck for the county, Walker is trying to put a happy face on his record.

Today, however, more bad news surfaced and suddenly Walker has voluntarily hit his own mute button. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a new filing with the IRS has revealed that Milwaukee County has made some 115 pension payout errors. The report states that the necessary reviews of payouts were left undone and that the county’€™s own pension laws were not followed. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported similar issues less than a year ago.

County Executive Scott Walker has been notified that the IRS is now auditing yet another county pension program. The paper reports that the scope of this investigation is secret. The story also mentions that the recently talkative Walker actually ‘€œdeclined to comment Wednesday.’€ Hopefully when he decides to speak up, he will not revert to old habits and try to pass the buck for his latest failure.

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