Tax Breaks but No Tax Returns?

We already know that the centerpiece of John McCain’€™s plan for the economy consists of massive corporate tax cuts and continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. While he has been so focused on tax policy lately isn’€™t it strange that he continues to delay the release of his tax returns? It looks like ‘€œstraight talk’€ ends where his personal fortune begins.

Could it be that McCain is trying to separate his recent populist talk on the stump with the fact that he is one of the richest members of Congress? He owns nine homes worth an estimated $13 million. His wife is estimated to have a $100 million stake in Anheuser Busch, a corporation that her father helped run. Can it really be a surprise that he is so out of touch with the average person? Should we really be shocked that he would push policies the benefit the most elite in our nation?

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