Teabagger Pride on Display — Now they push women around, which is really awesome.


So this past weekend, Scott Walker and the JV teabaggers at Citizens for Responsible Government held a rally at Serb Hall in Milwaukee to catapult the propaganda about Walkers credit-card budget for Milwaukee County. And of course, like most of the townhalls this summer, people there to express an opinion in a thoughtful manner were bullied by conservative thugs.

Heres the video from Fox.

Notice how the guy doesnt even say anything, just goes right into violent teabagger fury. He doesnt offer any support for Walkers budget or any defense of Walkers cuts to working families. He just shoves, and his first target is a woman at that. What a typical teabaggin no-ideas chump.

UPDATE: Apparently this tool has been apprehended and charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

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