Teabaggers’ Latest ‘Republican Rally for Failure’ Fueled Again by Partisanship, Racism, Ignorance

Anti-Immigration 'Anchor Baby' Malkin Among Events Lowlights

MADISON, Wis. — The latest “Republican Rally for Failure” hosted by the self-identified “teabaggers” is scheduled for Saturday in Milwaukee. The “Failure Rally” will feature numerous incendiary speakers, including fact-challenged Michelle Malkin, who will join other partisans to try and defeat the agenda of President Barack Obama.

“The latest ‘Republican Rally for Failure’ is just another partisan event financed by the corporate anchors of the Republican Party to defeat President Obama,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “It is partisanship fueled by racism and ignorance.”

The “Republican Rallies for Failure” have been coordinated by Americans for Prosperity and other organizations closely aligned with Republican interests and donors, most notably the health insurance industry. The health insurance industry has donated well over $100 million to Republican causes in the last decade and is currently spending in excess of $1 million a day to stop efforts to end the stranglehold the health insurance industry has on America.”

FamiliesUSA released a study this week showing health insurance premiums in Wisconsin have risen 4.6 times faster than income in the past decade. Harvard Medical School researchers have concluded that 45,000 in America die every year due to lack of health insurance coverage – one every 12 minute, a rate higher than drunk driving and homicide combined.

One Wisconsin Now notes just a small sampling of the partisanship, racism and ignorance surrounding the teabagger and events across the country. Included below were some of the filmed comments at the recent September 12 teabagger event in Washington, DC. The video is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUPMjC9mq5Y

Tim Phillips, AFP’s national president, is a former Republican congressional staffer who helped former Christian Coalition executive director and Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Ralph Reed start up the consulting firm Century Strategies in the 1990s, whose business clients included convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Wisconsin AFP head Mark Block is a longtime Republican operative and donor, including serving as a $100,000 “Pioneer” fundraiser for George W. Bush.

“His mother was white! So he’s not African American. But he’s going that way because that pays off for him.”

“He’s a Muslim. Washington DC is District of Corruption.”

“I’d like to see a Christian in the White House, is what I want to see.”

“The Nazi’s have the brown shirts? Ok, Obama has proposed, I keep hearing him talk about it, he wants to have a nation of 2 million “citizen” army, armed as well as the army!”

“It mentioned his name in the Bible. I think it was under Hebrew but it stated Barack Obama. They took his name and they separated his name and they deciphered it and Barack Obama in its content means anti-Christ.”

“Glenn Beck is such a logical thinker.”

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