Tell McCain in Milwaukee: No 100-Year-War, No Torture

John “100-Year-War” McCain, fresh from a flip-flop vote in favor of waterboarding, campaigns in Wisconsin Friday.

LaCrosse activists plan to protest his stands when he holds a town hall meeting there.

And now there is a last-minute effort underway in Milwaukee to confront him there, too, when he speaks at Serb Hall, traditional stopping place for politicos. He’ll be speaking at a Republican Lincoln Day dinner there at 7.

Protesters will start forming up at 6 and stay there until his arrival. In case you need a map, here’s one, courtesy of the McCain campaign.
Unfortunately, if you follow it you’ll end up at 34th and Cherry, not 51st and Oklahoma. So some Republicans might see parts of the city they’ve never been exposed to.

Earlier, he’ll be at the University Club for a $1,000 a head fundraiser. ($2,000 if you’d like your photo being waterboarded by McCain.)

No need to RSVP. Just make a sign and show up.

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