Ten Things That Do Not Intimidate ‘Unintimidated’ Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Governor Seeks to Stem Freefall of His Failing Presidential Campaign’s Poll Numbers By Reprising Role as the Victim of His Own Incompetence

MADISON, Wis. — With the poll numbers for his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in free fall, former front-runner Gov. Scott Walker is desperately searching for a way to continue his 22 year career as a politician. It appears the Walker gang has decided to fall back on casting a Governor who divided Wisconsin as never before, stripped 175,000 employees of workplace rights and left the state last in the Midwest on jobs as a victim, as unintimidated by those who would question his effectiveness and his record.

“Governor Walker’s campaign appears very eager to tell us there are things that do not intimidate him,” commented One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “Having watched this guy’s 22 year political career since he was a back-bench member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, we’ve put together our own list of just some of the things that do not intimidate Scott Walker based on his record of cronyism, corruption and incompetence.”

Ten Things That Do Not Intimidate Gov. Scott Walker:

  1. Posters – While flanked by security as he addressed a crowd at the Iowa State Fair, Scott Walker boldly declared he would not be intimidated by a man holding a poster in front of the stage.
  2. Plagiarism – Trailing badly in the polls to racist, sexist, xenophobic businessman Donald Trump Scott Walker has shown himself to be unintimidated by plagiarism, adopting the ill-informed positions of Trump and “borrowing” his slogan.
  3. Student loan debt – Today 43 million Americans hold over $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, including Scott Walker’s two sons who owe over $100,000 at 7.21% interest. Yet Scott Walker is unintimidated by this economic crisis and refuses to support common sense measures like allowing you to refinance a student loan, just like you can a mortgage.
  4. His job – Scott Walker is being paid over $144,000 per year, receives health care and a pension, is accompanied by security wherever he goes and has a mansion in which to live. These benefits are provided courtesy of the taxpayers of Wisconsin, in exchange for doing his job as governor. But Scott Walker is unintimidated by that job, in fact an analysis of his official calendar reveals no events in Wisconsin for 19 days in March and 13 days in April 2015, with another 8 days in April spent on a European junket to try to boost his foreign policy bona fides. Well over a dozen days in May 2015 list a 15 minute staff conference call as the only state business being conducted, with the rest of the day blocked off as “hold time”.
  5. Science – Scott Walker is unintimidated by things like facts and evidence, refusing to acknowledge the impact of human activity on global climate change or disclose his belief or disbelief in evolution.
  6. Cuts to public education funding – Scott Walker is so unintimidated by cuts to public education funding that he made the biggest ones in state history, slashing $1.2 billion in funding for K-12 schools and signing into law nearly $700 million in cuts to the University of Wisconsin and technical college system.
  7. War – Gov. Walker previously noted his achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout as a high school student in the 1980’s as qualifying him to be commander in chief of the United States armed forces and the closest he’s come to military service was having the nickname Niedermayer in college. But he is unintimidated by the prospect of war, suggesting he is open to starting a new Middle East War and reviving the Cold War with Russia.
  8. The law – Six close Walker aides and associates have been convicted of crimes like embezzlement, laundering campaign contributions and campaigning on public time. Walker himself was investigated by prosecutors for misconduct in public office for his role in an attempt to steer a Milwaukee County real estate deal to benefit a political crony and for his role at the center of a “criminal scheme” to evade state campaign finance laws.
  9. His previous positions on issues – Scott Walker has proven time and again his steely resolve to do or say anything to get elected. He is not intimidated by what he has previously said, and will change his position on an issue in a heartbeat to increase his chances of winning his next election.
  10. Questions from reporters – In fact, Scott Walker is so unintimidated by questions he often refuses to even take them, like when he recently unveiled the outline of a health care plan or for the 1,224 days he has refused to reveal the identities of donors who contributed nearly half a million dollars to his criminal legal defense fund.

For more on Scott Walker and the lowdown on the cronyism, corruption and incompetence that has marked his nearly 8,100 days in public office, check out One Wisconsin Now’s The Scott Walker Files website at OneWisconsinNow.org/ScottWalker/.

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