Terrence Wall Hates the Recovery Act, Likes Going to Businesses That Benefit from Recovery Act

Master Terrence Wall Street simply does not like the Recovery Act. In fact, he dislikes the Recovery Act almost as much as he disdains paying his fair share of taxes that the rest of us pay.

The Untaxable Terrence, has not only used his Twitter to criticize efforts through the Recovery Act to turn America around, but also featured in the Daily Reporter as having said the following:

Wall called the federal stimulus program, which was promoted as a way to invigorate the industry, a ‘€œscam’€ that was never intended to stimulate the private sector and primarily served to bail out local governments unable to balance budgets.

This makes it all the more odd that as part of his chauffeured juggernaut around the state last week, he would choose to hold his prime Eau Claire event at a company which has benefitted so greatly from the generosity of the American people financing the Recovery Act.

According to the state’€™s Wisconsin transparency site, Badger State, Incorporated, where Wall spoke last week, has received two separate projects totaling $58,800.

Terrence neglected to mention this, but perhaps he was too busy consulting his tax attorney, and did not have the time.

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