Thank you Pope Benedict XVI

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pope Benedict XVI for visiting the United States under many challenges this nation faces. I would like to express my congratulations to my fellow American citizens displaying to the Pope what it means to be a true American; tolerant, religious, and friendly.

These past six days were incredible for the United States as a whole because it brought out the best America has to offer. I hope that people around the world were able to see the coverage of Pope Benedict’s visit to the US and see that we are still a very hospitable nation, a nation that embraces tolerance to every human being. A nation that embraces democracy around the world. A nation that can freely worship the Judea-Christian tradition values that our nation is founded upon. A nation that works hard for peace and justice everyday.

Yes, our nation is not perfect but with the Pope’s visit I hope that it inspires us to make this nation a better place to live.

Finally, I hope the Pope can come to Milwaukee because the community has a rich German Heritage.

# # #

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