The Battle of the Two McCains

We already know that John McCain has a small army of lobbyists that either work or raise money on his behalf. Although some have started to resign he still has over one hundred at last count. He also has some 70 registered lobbyists that have bundled money on his behalf. Even more, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that McCain has received more than $610,000 in direct donations from lobbyists. The lobbyist army working for John McCain represents all of the corporate elites and even foreign interests including some of the worst regimes and dictators.

Today’€™s John McCain stands in stark contrast to the John McCain from 1997. At that time he was trying to recover after his involvement in the Keating Five scandal. At that time he twice introduced legislation that ‘€œwould ban a candidate or a candidate’€™s authorized committee from paying registered lobbyists.’€ McCain was quoted at the time as saying that, ‘€œregistered lobbyists who work for campaigns as fundraisers clearly represent a conflict of interest. When a campaign employs an individual who also lobbies that Member, the perception of undue and unfair influence is raised.’€ Reading these comments makes me wonder what the 1997 McCain would think about the current one. Whatever the reason for his politically convenient change, one thing is certain. John McCain is now knee deep in lobbyists and up to his ears in ‘€œconflicts.’€

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