The Flaming Nazi Gasbag attacks.

No, not the Hindenburg. That’s just a zeppelin.

Rush Limbaugh launched a false and inflammatory attack against One Wisconsin Now on Friday, because he wants a Wisconsin Supreme Court that supports Scott Walker, and not us.


Rush is in a snit because One Wisconsin Now has called for an investigation into Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’s conduct and the votes that magically appeared in her county for her old boss, David Prosser. Here’s part of Rush’s rant, titled, “GOP Finally Learns to Play Game, Wisconsin Clerk Finds 14,000 votes”:

“Now, needless to say, One Wisconsin Now is a radical, leftist … ‘charity’ hell-bent on putting liberal Democrats on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. They are also major opponents of Governor Walker’s reform initiatives…” [Rush Limbaugh Show, 4/8/11]

Rush thinks he can intimidate the 50,000-strong online army of supporters like you at One Wisconsin.

Rush is wrong.

As we keep fighting to Save Our Supreme Court, can you send a message loud and clear to Rush Limbaugh that you support One Wisconsin Now? We can’t match the airpower of Rush Limbaugh, but your contribution will help us fight against the right wing in Wisconsin and all the corporate money they have at their disposal.

Rush is right about one thing. We are “major opponents of Governor Walker’s reform initiatives” like his slashing education, health care and workers’ rights to reward the Koch fiends, corporate special interests and fat cat donors who put him into the Governor’s mansion.

With the case surrounding the takeaway of workers’ rights likely to go before the state Supreme Court, we cannot afford to stop fighting for one moment.

One Wisconsin Now needs your help to keep this fight going. You might say we are in a “rush” to execute our strategic plan and preserve our shared values. They’re coming at us, but we have no intention of backing down. Can you support us in this fight?

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