The Latest Episode of the WMC Funnies

Last week One Wisconsin Now filed a complaint against Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’€™s big business lobby. The complaint was filed as a result of WMC’€™s lead lobbyist saying that they ‘€œactively lobbied for final passage of the UW budget’€ even though that activity was never reported to the Government Accountability Board as required under law. OWN’€™s effort to hold the powerful special interest organization accountable drew the same old laughable refrain of victimhood.

Deservedly WMC has been on the receiving end of much criticism for their increasing partisanship, undue influence, and for the toxic political atmosphere that they have created. People are increasingly beginning to hold WMC accountable and they apparently don’€™t like it. After OWN asked concerned citizen’€™s to contact WMC board members asking them to change course WMC staff howled about ‘€œharassment.’€ Obviously they don’€™t understand the concept of being held accountable to the public for their many questionable actions.

Now that WMC is again being held accountable for failing to follow the rules they once again are trying to play the role of a victim. WMC’€™s resident Jokeman Jim Pugh has repeated their laughable ‘€œharassment’€ claim rather than fully coming clean about the situation. Does WMC really expect us to believe that such a powerful special interest is a victim merely for being held accountable? If they really are serious then they are not likely to find much sympathy. They just might learn that the joke is actually on them.

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