The MacIver Institute for Public Policy charts a bold new policy path…

…by proposing the same failed Bush policies that ran our economy into the ground in the first place.

The MacIver Institute of Public Policy’s criticism of the recently passed budget reads like a loving tribute to the past 8 years of failed Bush fiscal policy. Their only solution to the record $6.6 billion budget deficit: tax cuts for the rich. Followed by more tax cuts to the rich, followed by cuts to education and vital social services, followed by massive failures of our aging infrastructure, followed by more tax cuts to the rich, followed by running up the deficit to pay for bridges to nowhere and other Republican pork.

And then more tax cuts for the rich.

So um, do they just not get that these policies failed so terribly as to put our country in the worst recession since the Great Depression? (Maybe the staff over there ought to re-enroll in Economics 101? I can recommend a good professor…)

Or do they just not care? Anything to protect their wealthy cronies, apparently.

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