The NRA’s $3.5 Million Man Scott Walker Delivering for the Gun Lobby, Again

‘Legislators Supporting Walker’s Sham Are Providing Aid & Comfort to the National Rifle Association’

MADISON, Wis. — The Assembly Education Committee is holding a public hearing today on the bills proposed by Gov. Scott Walker in his politically motivated special session, ostensibly called to address school safety after another mass shooting in February.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“Legislators supporting this sham are providing aid and comfort to the National Rifle Association and its $3.5 million man Scott Walker, who wants nothing more than for this issue to go away.

“The thousands of teenagers who marched in Wisconsin last week are showing more courage standing up to the NRA than Scott Walker. And Walker is the one with the security detail.

“As governor, Scott Walker has signed into law bills putting more guns on our streets, eliminating waiting periods for gun purchases and taking away local school districts’ ability to fund their ongoing safety needs. As a member of the legislature, Walker voted to shield the gun industry from lawsuits and prevent local governments from passing their own laws to keep dangerous assault rifles out of their community.

“Now Scott Walker’s creating a slush fund for gun lobby lackey Brad Schimel, who literally opened his door to the NRA’s top lobbyist on his second day in office and who thinks guns in schools is the solution to the crisis of guns in schools.”

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