The One Good Result

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) successfully bought a corporate majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week. They accomplished their goal in the most dishonest and deceptive of ways, churning out a nonstop flow of deceptive ads. They were successful at kicking out one of the most brilliant minds and first ever African American on the high court. They replaced him with a dishonorable man that is not fit to carry a law license much less render decisions on the most complex aspects of the law. The one good thing to come of this tragedy is that WMC has finally over-reached and people are not going to stand for it anymore.

During the heat of WMC’€™s disinformation campaign blogger Jim Bouman wrote a letter to TDS Metrocom CEO Dave Wittwer, who also served on the WMC Board. Jim expressed how although he had only good experiences with TDS that he planned on taking his business elsewhere because of Wittwer’€™s service on the WMC board. Jim listed several WMC activities that were at the heart of his complaint including their backing of Annette Ziegler and Michael Gableman. A short time later Wittwer wrote a letter back to Jim asking him to reconsider and announced that he was leaving the WMC board for ‘€œphilosophical and personal reasons.’€

Regardless of the exact reasons for Wittwer’€™s resignation from the WMC board, we felt that it was appropriate for people to their show appreciation. Yesterday we launched a letter writing campaign to state newspapers honoring Wittwer for stepping down from the WMC board. In a clear demonstration of outrage over WMC’€™s actions, nearly 1,000 letters have been sent in only 24 hours! If you would like to lend your voice in expressing appreciation to Wittwer and outrage to WMC, write your letter today!

Election Day has passed and WMC accomplished their goal, but they would be wrong to think that the public outrage will go away. If you want to learn more about WMC, their activities and how much they cost us, please visit!

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