The Reality of Scott Walker’s Record on Higher Education

WALKER RHETORIC: “Give people the education and skills they need to succeed.”

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker refuses to a support a Wisconsin plan which would allow student loan borrowers the ability to refinance their loans, just like you can a mortgage. Federal legislation to allow refinancing would immediately allow 20 million student loan borrowers to keep more of their hard earned money. [Daily Cardinal, 4/10/2014; Racine Journal Times, 9/10/2014]

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker hiked tuition 11{3dc3145a56b1a82abd649af7a7ec83655f1117606e793d7c8d247dfe86b544ed} for the University of Wisconsin and students have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in higher tuition due to his actions. [Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Comparative Summary of Budget Recommendations – 2011 Act 32, p. 752]

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker gutted the University of Wisconsin (UW) and Wisconsin Technical College System by nearly $700 million in his three state budgets. The latest $250 million cut to the UW recently signed into law by Walker makes Wisconsin unique as one of the only states in the country still cutting higher education investments. [2011 Act 32, 2013 Act 20, 2015 Act 55]

More on the Wisconsin Reality of Scott Walker’s record on this and other issue is available at The Scott Walker Files.

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