The Reality of Scott Walker’s Record on K-12 Education

WALKER RHETORIC: “I ran for Governor because I was worried about my kids’ future.”

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker made the largest cuts to public education in the history of Wisconsin — a staggering $1.2 billion. [Associated Press, 6/10/2015]

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker has allowed hundreds of millions of dollars to be stolen from public education by private interests and expanded taxpayer-funded private schools statewide, while providing no real accountability to students, parents and taxpayers. [2013 Act 20, 2015 Act 55]

WISCONSIN REALITY: Scott Walker is completely in the pocket of the school privatization cartel, getting millions of dollars for his political campaign from these special interests. His campaign chair, Michael Grebe controls an $830 million right wing funding machine which has given out more than $38 million to school privatization organizations and propaganda. [Campaign Finance Information System; P is for Payoff, One Wisconsin Now; Bradley Foundation 990s]

More on the Wisconsin Reality of Scott Walker’s record on this and other issue is available at The Scott Walker Files.

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