The Tea Party of No Solutions Comes to Madison Bring Same Old Pandering

I don’€™t even know which gaggle of malcontents this particular teabagger affair was, but they were in Madison Tuesday night, and One Wisconsin Now stopped by to see first-hand more of the well-financed intolerance, anger and unfortunately, ugly appeals which have sadly typified this GOP-fueled movement.

And then this sign caught the eye.


The tea party apologists will say this sort of racist pandering is an isolated incident. They’€™ll say this after the numerous signs documented across the country which have included even more blatant racist appeals.

But when this is one of your headliners, you get what you pay for. This web entry from Darla, one of the numerous, um, ‘€œentertainers’€ featured at the Madison event Tuesday, and posted on her website:

In the post, she downplays the hideous racial slurs directed at several African-American congressional representatives at the unsuccessful anti-health reform event in Washington, DC, in the hours before the bill passage.

She writes: ‘€œI was told at .43 seconds you can hear the N word….I have listened to this video countless times and CANNOT make out anything in the way of racial slurs….you tell me….’€

This is the kind of apologist wink and nod garbage that not only have the tea parties played fast and loose with, but also the Republican political candidate and elected officials who have embraced this movement as their chosen path back to relevance in the public policy debate.

This ugly face of the tea party movement remains front and center.

What also cannot be forgotten is this in their endless anger, the tea partiers ignore it is the conservative politicians who slashed taxes for the rich, accountability for big businesses and permitted the reckless disregard for responsible corporate citizenship that led to the economic collapse from which we are still trying to emerge.

The event Tuesday, had no solutions to the many issues facing our country. There was no plan for job creation. No plan to bring far taxation. And certainly no plan for health insurance reform.

Just misguided anger.

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