The Wit and Wisdom of Owen Robinson

Read this page-turner courtesy of righty writer Owen B. Robinson and the West Bend Daily News. In fact, to grasp fully the breadth and depth of analysis and research stacked eye-deep in this advancement of opinion journalism, I suggest reading it aloud.

In his continuing effort to seize the Alsop-Reston mantle, Owen diagrams the current and potential opponents to Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold.

‘€œIn a little over six months the November election will be upon us,’€ he begins. Grabbing my phone calendar, I confirmed this to be true. Owen 1. OWN 0.

And now, a litany of spoiler alerts, mainly Owen’€™s impression of each GOP (and potential GOP) candidate’€™s strengths and weaknesses, delivered in his weekly-column-worthy prose:

Dave Westlake: ‘€œis a West Point graduate who served our nation in the Army.’€

Terrence Wall:  ‘€œis a commercial developer in Dane County with a proven track record of success.’€

Dick Leinenkugel: ‘€œannounced he is running for the seat, too.’€

Tommy! Thompson: ‘€œannounced that he will not run for the seat’€

Ron Johnson: ‘€œis also wealthy and one of the founders of a Tea Party group.’€

With that well-credentialed slate it’€™s no wonder Fox News and conservative scholars like Owen can opine without contradiction that Americans are soundly rejecting the socialism of Barack Obama.

It’€™s a testament to the diversity of our liberal media that voices like Owen’€™s are provided the rare opportunity to unfurl before us like a blooming flower ‘€“ whether it’€™s this venue, or, Charlie Sykes and Paddy McIlheran’€™s Sunday smartyfest.

And to the editors who allowed Owen’s art to flourish without constraints, the collective hats of a grateful nation are off to you.

Owen closes his piece with a cautionary tale, belying critics who might accuse him of writing with ‘€œdoctrinaire regurgitation,’€ ‘€œprickly and puddle-depth pap,’€ or ‘€œthe obviousness of a sixth-grade report copied from Encyclopedia Britainnica for Kids’€:

‘€œThe Republican candidate will need to be honed to a fine edge on the whetstone of the primary and have substantial resources available when the general election campaign begins.’€

If that whetstone can hone sharp as the insight of this modern conservative, the GOP’€™s Senate nominee will not only cut to the chase, but in the words of Ron Burgundy, ‘€œalso to core of me, Baxter.’€

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