There is No Debate, There is Just More of the Same

The last eight years have been a complete and utter failure and everyone finally knows it. Senator John McCain has been a big part of the problem as he has supported the failed policies of the Bush Administration 90 percent of the time. If anyone had any doubt that that McCain would continue the same tired approach of George W. Bush, you only needed to watch his running-mate in the ‘€œdebate’€ last night.

On a variety of issues, Sarah Palin sounded nearly identical to Bush when he debated leading up to the 2000 election. Just consider only a couple of the issues and compare Palin’€™s comments to that of George W. Bush:

Global Warming

Bush Said Global Warming Was A “Serious Issue,” But Added, “I Don’t Think We’ve Got All The Facts.” [Commission on Presidential Debates, 10/11/00]

Palin: “I’m Not One To Attribute Every Man-Activity Of Man To The Changes In The Climate.” [2008 Vice Presidential Debate, via CNN, 10/2/08]

Health Care Tax Credit

Bush Proposed A Tax Rebate That Families “Can Use To Purchase Health Care In The Private Markets.” [Commission on Presidential Debates, 10/11/00]

Palin Called For Health Care Tax Credit. During the 2008 vice presidential debate, Governor Palin said, “He’s proposing a $5,000 tax credit for families so that they can get out there, and they can purchase their own coverage, and that’s a smart thing to do.” [Vice Presidential Debate, via CNN, 10/2/08]

You could keep comparing them on everything from taxes for the rich, to education and from energy to foreign policy.  Although John McCain and Sarah Palin may try to run from George W. Bush’€™s failed policies, they aren’€™t very convincing because they are in virtual lockstep with him. Last night we saw more proof that, despite their slogans, they will simply stand for more of the same.

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