Time’s Up, Scott Walker

Progressives Promote Positive Economic Agenda While Career Politician Walker Hasn’t Helped Families With Student Loan Debt, High Costs of Child Care

MADISON, Wis. — After a 25-year career as a full-time politician, time is up for Scott Walker to be believed on promises about helping Wisconsin families. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted the increasingly desperate Walker is running new ads featuring issues like student loan debt and child care affordability on which he has failed to act, despite being governor for eight years with his fellow Republicans in complete control of the state legislature.

“Scott Walker is not to be believed,” said Ross. “He’s had eight years to do something, but it’s only after he conducted a poll and by his own admission is losing this election that he starts talking about the challenges facing Wisconsin families like student loan debt and affordable childcare.”

One Wisconsin Now had earlier obtained information on a poll conducted by Walker’s campaign the last week of July and questions on student debt and child care were among those asked of respondents. Walker’s recent campaign finance report discloses he made a nearly $30,000 payment to a polling firm in early July.

Scott Walker has a long history of saying anything to try to win an election. In Fall 2014 Walker blatantly misled voters in an election television ad in which, looking straight to camera, he said he trusted women to make their own health care decisions. By summer of 2015 Walker had signed into law an extreme abortion ban that did not include, at his request, exceptions for rape or incest.

By the same token, Walker’s record on the issues he’s now campaigning on is abysmal. He has opposed a common sense plan to help student loan borrowers refinance their loans, just like you can with a mortgage, and did not support legislation helping families afford child care.

Ross noted that One Wisconsin Now has been promoting a positive economic agenda for Wisconsin’s future. The Tomorrow Wisconsin plan focuses on solutions for the economic challenges facing Millennial and Generation X voters, the age groups that now comprise the largest electoral bloc in the United States, and in Wisconsin.

The Tomorrow Wisconsin agenda focuses on five key issues:

  • Student Loan Debt Refinancing
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave and Sick Days
  • Affordable Child Care
  • Job Security and Livable Wages
  • Access to State Pension System

“Wisconsin families are working harder than ever but can’t get ahead because Scott Walker has not, in his eight years in office, dealt with challenges they face. Scott Walker has failed, and no amount of polling or tv ads is going to change that fact,” concluded Ross.

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