Tiresome Non-Plumber Comin’ to Milwaukee!

At this weekend’s GOP gaggle organized by Americans (read: Republicans) for Prospertity otherwise known as the “Republican Rally for Failure” in Milwaukee, our fine state will be treated by another visit from so-called Joe the Plumber, nee Samuel Wurzelbacher.

We all remember him from his “impromptu” ambush of then-candidate Barack Obama to his work as a war correspondent where he said the “I think the media should be abolished from, uh, you know, reporting,” to his inability to explain the Employee Free Choice Act at an anti-EFCA appearance, Wurzelbacher has proven his intention to serve as a dull acid reflux to the body politic.

So amongst the belligerence, racism and ignorance we will see at the latest ‘€œRepublican Rally for Failure,’€ Joe will be there to offer a calming, deliberate voice for reason.

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