Torture: How Ridiculous Things Have Gotten

It’s a sign of the demented times in which we are hopefully emerging that the big news on Capitol Hill was prospective Attorney General nominee Eric Holder vocally affirming that torture is, well, torture.

Well done, indeed. Specifically he was answering a question about waterboarding, a torture in which torturers torture the subject by inflicting torture — in this case, making the person believe they are drowning by drowning them.

Everybody knows this is torture, but during these last eight years the criminals occupying the Oval Office have convinced us that we need to lower all discernable standards of decency to keep us safe-n-secure.

This is garbage.

Hopefully, Holder’s declaration will move us towards restoring America’s standing in the world community and we can all start looking in the mirror again knowing that we as a country are not complict in the torture of human beings.

It’s a wonderful lesson for all of America to learn. Let’s never forget that when our leaders tell us to compromise our values and our morals for our own sake, chances are it’s only for their sake.

And as we awake from this contorted nightmare of the last eight years, we must pledge that those who acted so immorally be held accountable.

We allowed this to happen and the degree of our collective culpability rests on our willingness to not only end it forever, but also bring the guilty to justice.

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