Tour Highlights Bush Legacy

Tomorrow, the Bush Legacy Tour bus is rolling in to Madison. Having spent my entire adult life under the Bush administration, I truly look forward to sealing the legacy of George W. Bush and the conservative ideology as disastrous for the economy, the environment, and American families.The Bush Legacy Tour—undertaken by the Americans United for Change—will look closely at the war in Iraq, fighting terrorism, the environment, education, and the economy to highlight how Bush’s conservative economic, social, and foriegn policy agenda has failed America.

Speakers will include an Iraq War veteran, a gentleman losing his job as a result of the Bush economy and high gas prices, and a resident speaking on the skyrocketing costs of health care.

Though Bush’s term is nearing an end, it is be important to make it forever known how disastrous the Bush agenda, through the rubber stamps of John McCain and Paul Ryan, has been for Americans.

For more information, check out the One Wisconsin Now event page or go to:

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