Trump Election Integrity Commission Disbanded

Sham Commission is Gone, But Shame of Republicans Who Stood By While Voters Rights Were Attacked Remains

MADISON, Wis. — A federal commission on “election integrity”, announced with much fanfare by Donald Trump in 2017, was disbanded on Wednesday. It’s inception was based on the provably false claim by Trump that massive impropriety was the reason he lost the popular vote for President in 2016 by roughly 3 million votes.

While the commission produced no report it was criticized, and sued, for demanding states turn over voters’ sensitive personal information.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Institute Executive Director Scot Ross:

“From the start this commission was another tactic by Republicans to advance the real fraud in our electoral system, partisan politicians manipulating the rules on voting to gain an unfair advantage.

“Republicans have shown that they’re willing to deny the rights of legal voters to try to win elections and maintain their grasp on power.

“Here in Wisconsin Gov. Walker and the Republican legislature have waged war on voting rights since the day they took complete control of state government, passing legislation found by federal courts to be intentionally discriminatory against minority voters.

“But when Donald Trump’s commission demanded sensitive personal information about every single voter in Wisconsin, Walker and his accomplices sat silently by.

“While this sham commission may be gone, the shame of those who stood by while voter rights were attacked, like Gov. Walker and Attorney General Schimel, remains.”

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