TWall Ignores GOP Hold on TSA Head

Multi-millionaire developer Terrence Wall, who gained notoriety for his $34,000 pumpkin patch property tax dodge and his phantom Delaware post office box to avoid taxes on his millions in development assets, is laughably trying to link U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold to the aborted airplane attack from last week.

What Wall’€™s breathless press release fails to mention is that President Obama’€™s nominee to head the Transportation Safety Administration, has for months been held up in the Senate by the obstruction of lunatic South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

So the next time Wall is limosened from his multi-million dollar home and shuffled through security at the airport to board whatever private plane or charter he’€™s taking to visit the post office box of ‘€œcorporate headquarters’€ in Delaware, he can stop by DeMint’€™s office in Washington, DC and encourage him to stop compromising our homeland security by ending the obstructionist hold on the President’€™s nominee.

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