Two years later, Van Hollen still hunting for evidence of widescale voter fraud

JB “I’m a partisan Republican Attorney General and I’ll prove it” Van Hollen has spent the last two years throwing untold amounts of resources  investigating the issue of folks voting when they shouldn’t. In his ongoing effort to grandstand and run a campaign on the issue, Van Hollen boasts of identifying just two more isolated incidents.

Republicans and the Grand Ol’ Tea Party will tell you Van Hollen is just trying to clean up elections and stop “voter fraud.”

Rational, independent thinkers – on the other hand – will tell you he’s a partisan Republican hack, using state resources to grab headlines by executing the agenda of the Republican Party. Whether it’s investigating “voter fraud” or threatening to sue the federal government for passing the health reform bill.

The same rational, independent thinkers wonder why he never had the DOJ investigate John McCain’s faulty absentee mailing.

Perhaps it was because John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin have Rs after their names.

Or perhaps it was because Van Hollen was the co-chair of McCain’s campaign in Wisconsin.

While we’re left presuming why Van Hollen has refused to investigate the Republicans’ efforts of potential widescale election fraud, one thing is certain: if ever the Republican Party needs a legal authority to execute its radical right-wing agenda, JB Van Hollen’s taxpayer-financed office is only a phone call away.

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