Unearthed Walker video may stymie bigoted conservative agenda

With no real ideas on how to create jobs, conservatives and Gov. Scott Walker's Republican majority turned to pushing bigoted legislation one would expect from the deep south.

The bigoted attitudes stirred up by a conservative think tank in September have apparently spilled over into November. With no real ideas on how to create jobs, Gov. Scott Walker’s Republican majority and Democrat Peggy Krusick turned to pushing archaic legislation one would expect from the deep south: a bill that would “remove race as one factor for a scholarship program that serves disadvantaged college students.”

This all poses an interesting dilemma for Walker.

During his 2008 Milwaukee County Exectuive campaign against Lena Taylor, an African American state senator, Walker reached out to the African American community to shore up some votes. In this unearthed 2008 video, Walker went on a local television program and clearly says he considers diversity as grounds for hiring, and “actively went out recruited more women, more people of color.”

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