Unearthing the Truth about McCain

Digging a little deeper on Sen. John McCain’€™s environmental record yields some scary remains indeed. Turns out he’€™s pretty much buried any previous attempts to work on environmental concerns, and any comments he makes on global warming, energy and the environmental are little more than double talk.

According to the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), McCain’€™s lifetime LCV score comes in at a paltry 24 percent, showing what the organization calls ‘€œa wavering commitment to America’€™s environment.”

Want to help unearth the truth about McCain?

Make sure to ask him these questions:

#1: How do you reconcile your claim to care about the environment when you have voted to protect it less than one quarter of the time on key votes?

#2: As President, will you follow President Bush’€™s lead, giving billions of taxpayers’€™ dollars to Big Oil, or will you cut taxpayer subsidies to oil companies and invest in clean, renewable energy?

#3: As President, will you break from the Bush Administration’€™s policy of ignoring science and embracing outdated statistics, and instead demand at least a 15-20 % reduction in global warming pollution by 2020 and an 80% reduction by 2050, as Nobel Prize winning scientists have called for?

#4: As President, will you help promote renewable energy, or will you continue to oppose a national Renewable Electricity Standard?

#5: As President, will you help America break its addiction to the fossil fuels of the past and actively support fuel efficiency standards of 40 mpg by 2020?

#6: Will you fulfill your ‘€œpatriotic responsibility’€ to protect America’€™s drinking water and publicly support the Clean Water Restoration Act?

Stump McCain at his next appearance by downloading your own copy of these questions and taking them with you.

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