UPDATE: Petitions Pour In Demanding Gableman, Ziegler Recuse

Less than 12 hours after OWN asked concerned citizens to demand WMC-backed Justices Gableman and Ziegler recuse from the Virnich and Moores case, over 700 petitioners saw the obvious conflict of interest and signed the OWN petition. (If you haven’t signed the petition yet, join the party here!)

Having previously been part of the Virnich and Moores case at the appellate level, the smart-as-a-whip WMC removed themselves from the case before it was to go in front of their handpicked justices, Gableman and Ziegler. These two justices, as readers of the newspaper know, had their seats at the bench bought for them by the anti-worker, big business lobby WMC.

Gableman and Ziegler, both already under unprecedented scrutiny for their poor judicial ethics, would be wise to heed the advice of the 700 concerned citizens who signed the OWN petition rather than further risking their credibility by ruling on a case that still reeks of WMC.

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