Update: WMC’s Attack on the Environment

WMC’s ground attack on the ability of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to regulate mercury is built on a “mountain of falsehoods” as far as environmentalists are concerned.

It all started back in 2006, when Governor Doyle called on the DNR to develop a rule that would reduce mercury emissions by 90 percent. After listening to Doyle and the citizens of Wisconsin, the DNR drafted a rule that would cut emissions from the largest power plants by that amount, but WMC and other corporate interest groups recently filed a lawsuit to halt the DNR’s rulemaking process. It appears the falsehoods have been stacking up ever since.

Take a look at how the WMC claims stack up against the facts, provided by the Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter:

WMC: The DNR is ‘€œmoving forward with a very costly mercury regulation without providing proper notice to the public.’€

Sierra Club: Wisconsin DNR has published numerous notices for the public, provided a full public comment period, and even extended the public comment period at the request of WMC.

WMC: Complains that it has been denied the ability to ‘€œmeaningfully participate in the public hearing and comment process associated with this rule.’€

Sierra Club: WMC had as much opportunity as the rest of the public to participate. In fact, the public comment period was extended to accommodate WMC.

WMC: Claims to ‘€œsupport mercury regulation’€ by urging Wisconsin to adopt the ‘€œfederal rules that ultimately reduce mercury pollution by 70 percent statewide.’€

Sierra Club: The conservative United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down these Bush Administrative rules preferred by WMC as illegal.

For more on the facts versus WMC’€™s fiction, go to WMCWatch.org.

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