Updated – Anti-Catholic Reynolds’ Candidates Avoiding Press

Update: Daniel Bice has the audio of a Tom Reynolds phone call to state Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee, 20), ‘€œa veteran Milwaukee Democrat, (who) has a direct and personal interest in what Reynolds was doing, so she signed up – using a fake name – with Clean Sweep Wisconsin.’€

This is the link is to the audio of the Reynolds phone call, and the URL is: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=770314

Transcription of the Reynolds call, in part, follows:

‘€œ’€¦ In Milwaukee here, we are working on a full slate of 12 candidates; eight on the north side, and four on the south side. And we are at eight or nine candidates right now. … We have a candidate against Sinicki and a candidate against Staskunas. And we’re still working on Zepnick and Cola³n’€¦.’€

An anti-Catholic-Reynolds ally in Cola³n’€™s district? That likely will not play especially well there; though it’€™s a fair bet that Reynolds’€™ brand of politics and hate will not play well anywhere in the Milwaukee area. See the Milwaukee-area Democratic State Reps chart at the end of this post.
What does a rightwing candidate recruited by a notorious anti-Catholic, Tom Reynolds, say if his/her name is on the ballot challenging Milwaukee-area Assembly Democrats in the September primary?

As little as possible.

And he/she hides from the public, staying in the shadows, an odd posture for candidates for public office, though consistent with the past odd behavior of former state senator Reynolds who reportedly had asked of prospective staff whether they were virgins.

The silence from the Reynolds candidates goes double for Reynolds’ anti-Catholic PAC, Clean Sweep Wisconsin, whose motto should be: Stay in the closet with the brooms.

Reynolds’ Clean Sweep Wisconsin’s project to recruit some 12 candidates to run against Milwaukee-area Democratic incumbents (first revealed in the Wisconsin State Journal in late June) in the Democratic primary has an opaque website, Clean Sweep Wisconsin (CSW).

Clean Sweep Wisconsin’s site reveals not one candidate today, the day after the deadline for candidates filing for state Assembly, though the site boasts that, “We need to elect NEW people to state offices to make our government accountable and work for the people again, instead of the special interests…are YOU willing to help.”

Voters might ask of CSW candidates: Are YOU people willing to reveal yourself?

Five incumbent Milwaukee-area Democratic state representatives have no primary opponent, the State Elections Board reveals.

Repeated phone calls to Clean Sweep Wisconsin’s phone gets a Reynolds’ answering machine or a non-answer. Not exactly Emily’s list which proudly promotes their endorsed candidates.

Two Reynolds’ candidates revealed in the Milwaukee press are Phil Landowski (running against Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee)) and Josh Hoisington (running against Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis), West Allis being Reynolds’ home turf), as reported by Daniel Bice in Sunday’s Journal-Sentinel.

Phil Landowski, running in the 20th Assembly District democratic primary offers the following on his “On the issues”web page:


Life – The regressive programs and agendas based on an ideology of eugenics were formed nearly a century ago by political and corporate elites who sought stratification of society based on ‘€˜class’€™ and ‘€˜desirability’€™. This backward paradigm flies in face of all things pertaining to life and liberty. I support all legislation that attempts to protect the most vulnerable of our society, which includes the pre-born.

Kudos to Phil Landowski, interviewed in the Journal-Sentinel, to have the guts to publicly speak his mind, and not hide from the public he is running to represent, though his prose may lean to the turgid for a candidate for public office.

As for the other Reynolds’ Clean Sweep Wisconsin candidates besides Landowski and Hoisington, we’ll have to wait until they crawl out of their closets or are outed as CSW candidates posing as Democrats.

Below is a list of Milwaukee area Democratic state representatives and their Democratic primary opponents.

Incumbent Rep. – Primary Opponent [CSW-IDed as confirmed]

Tony Staskunas (D-15) – Josh Hoisington (CSW)
Pedro Cola³n (D-8) – Jose Guzman, Laura L. Manriquez
David Cullen (D-13) – No opponent
Jason Fields (D-11) – Deon Price
Tamara Grigsby (D-18)— No opponent

Frederick Kessler (D-12) – No opponent
Jon Richards (D-19) – No opponent
Christine Sinicki (D-20) – Philip Landowski (CSW), Steven Sutherland
Barbara Toles (D-17) – Samantha H. Bady

Annette Williams (D-10) – Charisha Allen
Leon Young (D-16) – Richard M. Badger, David D. King, Andy Parker
Josh Zepnick (D-9) – No opponent

Sheldon Wasserman (D-22) (Confirmed noncandidacy) – Andy Feldman, Guy Johnson, Dan Kohl, Sandra Pasch, Rosemary Ponik

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