Van Roy Twice Votes ‘No’ on Wisconsin Jobs

Votes Contradict Earlier Pledge to 'Stimulate Much Needed Job Growth'

MADISON, Wis. — Rep. Karl Van Roy (R-Green Bay) broke a pledge made just this month to his constituents to assist job growth by voting against two critical job creation bills passed with bipartisan support in the State Assembly Tuesday.

“It took Karl Van Roy one day on the State Assembly floor to return to the failed partisan politics of the past,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “While Green Bay jobs go up in smoke, Karl Van Roy fiddles from his office in Madison.”

The Assembly passed two separate job bills with solid bipartisan backing on Tuesday, despite Van Roy’s opposition. The first directs the state of Wisconsin to use Wisconsin businesses for purchasing at least 20 percent of goods and services. The second would have the state only doing contract business with companies in the United States.

In the January 9 edition of his “Van Roy’s Views” constituent newsletter, Van Roy promised he would make protecting and creating Wisconsin jobs his top priority. He wrote: “My number one goal is to implement policies that will turn this economy around and stimulate much needed job growth.”

Wisconsin has been hit hard by job loss from the failed policies of the Bush Administration, which has caused the current economic crisis. Green Bay and the Fox Valley have seen numerous businesses close and skilled workers put on the unemployment line.

“The job loss in Wisconsin means the time for partisan politics has long passed,” said Ross. “Karl Van Roy had two chances to help Wisconsin workers and twice he voted against Wisconsin jobs.”

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