Vets Disenfranchised by VA

Of all the people in the world to NOT advocate for veterans, in a million years, would anyone had guessed it would be those fine folks at the Veterans Administration? Well yeah, but not a decade ago. This is just another prime example of how this administration has their oppressive thumb on every facet of this debacle in Iraq. Scot Ross sent me this link and asked for my comment. I can’t believe this thing has not gotten legs yet but I am going to try to revive it Monday and I encourage everyone to blog the hell out of it.

When I deployed to Iraq in 2004 we had to vote absentee, which essentially means our votes are not counted…actually I should say LITERALLY our votes are not counted.See, when you vote absentee in a combat zone your vote is only counted IF the race is so close it would be statistically possible for one or the other to win ONLY if those remaining votes are counted. The irony was I was in Iraq in 2005 assembling polling places in Ramadi, offering those who shoot at me the luxury of casting a ballot, when my own nation discounts mine.

Our situation was recognized and accepted for what it was. But THIS is a real travesty. How audacious can we possibly be? Combat veterans injured under the auspices of “bringing democracy to a country near you” who are now confined to a hospital NOT of their choice, run by the very government and administration that sent them there and promised to take care of them, now will not help those who cannot help themselves to cast a ballot. IT’S NOT THEIR JOB!?!?! Whose job is it? It’s perfectly legal and perfectly acceptable, they just won’t do it. Why? I wonder?

At least Olbermann reported it tonight but it could die by Monday. What a shame.

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