Vos Budget Numbers Proven Bogus…Again

GOP state budget spokesperson Rep. Robin Vos must be calculating he’€™s never going to get called to carpet for anything he tells the press about the state budget.

Either that or he can’€™t read.On an interview posted yesterday on WisconsinEye.com, Vos claims that if the Assembly Republican budget from 2007 had been passed, that Wisconsin would be spending much less and our need to dig out of the $6.6 billion budget deficit caused by the collapsed Bush economy.

We saw just the other day Vos claim that his budget fix-du-jour was holding agency spending to last year’€™s levels ‘€“ a move that would increase general purpose revenue spending by $660 million.

So, let’€™s look at the numbers. Is this the time Vos gets his facts correct?


Looking at the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau’€™s comparisons between the budgets put together in 2007 by the Governor, the Joint Committee on Finance, the Republican-controlled Assembly and the Democratic-controlled Senate, we will see that’€¦

Drum roll’€¦

The highest general purpose revenue spending was passed by Robin Vos and the Assembly Republicans ‘€“ a $1.2 billion hike of 4.5 percent.

Not only that, the irresponsible Robin Vos and Assembly Republicans would have stuck us with a whopping $877 million structural deficit. (This was over $150 million more than the Senate Dems and over $200 million more than the Governor’€™s plans.)

Does Robin Vos even care about accuracy?

As long as the no one calls him on it, looks like not so much.

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