Vos Continues to be Treated as Equal without Requiring Him to Detail Deficit Plan

I get the need to ask both sides about the budget. But why does the state GOP’s abrasively-nasal budget face get to dole out criticism without once having to detail the alternative plan to close the formerly $5.4 billion and now $6.5 billion budget deficit.

Frederica Freyberg took a whack at it last month when she asked him on “Here and Now” and his response was some horseshit about a $40 million increase in “welfare” benefits. Which what he referred to was not.

And that was it.

$40 million doesn’t equal $5.4 billion.

(Total aside, I saw Vos when we were doing our “rich guys thank the teabaggers for standing up for them” at the teabaggers’ teabagging in Madison. Maybe he got his $40 million equals $5.4 billion from Mark “OWN has 42 staffers…oh, and these 1,400 people teabagging are 8,200” Block.)

Seriously, fourth estate: Vos shouldn’t get it both ways.

Vos either gets mentioned as an irrelevant after thought, marginalized through the utter rejection at all levels in Wisconsin of having his party in charge of the legislature or the east wing, or he has to act like an equal and show how he’d close the gap.

The nebulous “we need spending cuts, not tax increases” is fine to say. This is America. But why doesn’t he get asked how he’d balance the Bush-created budget disaster?

Here’s why he and his fellow GOPers don’t have the guts to offer a full alternative: Because he’s afraid to detail the cuts because they would literally change Wisconsin into wasteland.

Vos and the GOPers know we need to raise taxes on the top one percent and corporations otherwise we will have massive cuts.

So Vos, et al, what do we get rid of (circle as many as needed to get to $6.5 billion):

* Public Education
* Shared Revenue that includes funding police officers and firefighters
* SeniorCare
* BadgerCare
* The UW
* Transportation

So what’s it gonna be Vos? And when’s the media going to ask you?

# # #

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