Vos Tells Suffering Wisconsinites he Did Very Well Under President Bush

On the WisconsinEye newsmakers program taped just this morning, Robin Vos was asked how, as a small business owner, he was doing given the historic economic collapse from which America and Wisconsin desperately tries to emerge.

Vos, who explained he has three separate businesses and owns rental property in Whitewater, offered that he and his wife ‘€œdid very well under President Bush.’€

That’€™s good news for you, Robin.According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Racine (where Robin represents) lost 4,400 manufacturing jobs under the stunningly-successful Bush years.

Basically, one in five manufacturing jobs that was there in January 2001 was gone by January 2009.

Statewide, manufacturing also did ‘€œvery well under President Bush.’€

We started the Bush years with 582,200 manufacturing jobs and 111,400 of those jobs were lost due to the Bush economic collapse and the shipping of jobs overseas due to Bush policies which rewarded companies that outsource.

So, it looks like what’€™s good news for Robin Vos is terrible news for Racine and Wisconsin.

As smug as his words sound, it’€™s even more unseemly to watch. Go to the front page of www.WisconsinEye.com and click on the ‘€œVideo Feature of the Day.’€

Robin offers his nuggets at a 1:44’€¦

Oh, if you watch the full show, Vos still neglects to say what the GOP budget plan is to close the $6.6 billion deficit.

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