Robin Vos ‘War on Reality’ Ignores 77 Percent of Wisconsin Business Council Member Contributions Went to GOP, Conservatives

One Wisconsin Now: 'More False Allegations from GOPs' Least Credible Leader'

MADISON, Wis. — A One Wisconsin Now analysis of the political giving of the announced officials of the Wisconsin Business Council shows that conservatives and Republicans netted 77 percent of member giving, contradicting charges made by Rep. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) the new organization is a liberal front group.

“Robin Vos says an organization whose officials have given $350,000 to conservatives and Republicans like him is a liberal front group,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “This falsehood is the latest salvo in the Robin Vos ‘War on Reality.’”

Within moments of the announced creation of the Wisconsin Business Council, Vos sent out a press release from his state office alleging the group would show favoritism to Democrats, like Gov. Jim Doyle. The Wisconsin Business Council is seen as a potential counter to Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which has spent much of the past two decades lobbying for legislation that depresses worker wages and restricts worker rights, as well as spending millions to elect anti-worker candidates to all branches of government.

Using the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s donor database, One Wisconsin Now found the 20 people identified as WBC members gave $450,857 in political contributions. Of this, $346,860 went to Republicans and conservatives, while just $104,007 went to Democrats and liberals.

In addition to 77 percent of the WBC member giving going to the right, only nine of the 20 have donated to Gov. Doyle – less than half. In addition, a number of the members have been top officials in the administrations of Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson and Republican Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

“Granted 77 percent isn’t the 96 percent of conservative and Republican giving by the board member of the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance,” said Ross. “But it’s substantial enough to make Vos’s claim laughable.”

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