Vulture Fund’ Kingpin Gets $40,000 in Late Cash to Gableman

Paul Singer has come to Wisconsin in the form of $40,000 in late contributions to Judge Mike Gableman from himself, an executive at his company and couple of people with Singer’€™s same last name.

Singer is the slug who’€™s made his money by operating so-called ‘€œvulture’€ funds, where he purchased government bonds from poor counties and got an enormous return on the loan. As Greg Palast reported, he jacked Peru for $58 million on an $11 million debt and sued Congo for $400 million on a $10 million debt.

Singer’€™s the guy who ponied up $250,000 to the radical-right Club for Growth. He’€™s the guy behind the California referendum to slice up California’€™s electoral votes. He’€™s the guy who was helping Rudy 9u11iani’€™s aborted campaign including raising $500,000 and bundling $200,000 from his employees for the thrice-married historical footnote.

So why is he trying to buy the Supreme Court in Wisconsin into a conservative majority?

Well, Paul Singer understands the long con.

In order to get himself into the position to reap the windfall from Congo, Singer had to first convince George Bush to intervene and have the United States forgive Congo’€™s debt.

Bush, never one to pass up an opportunity to reward a contributor particularly one so prolific as Singer, had our government forgive the debt, so vulture Singer could circle, swoop and pick the meat clean.

Again, this is where $40,000 in virtually last-second Gableman money is coming from and this is no April Fool’€™s joke.

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