Wait, I thought Torinus HATED “Socialized Medicine?”

Even though I’€™m hardly surprised when a corporate hotshot at WMC is caught talking out of both sides of his mouth (yes, HIS ‘€“ still only 2 women on the board’€¦), the size of John Torinus’€™ bullocks must give him trouble walking.

Exhibit A: November 1, 2008 ‘€“ a scant 12 days ago. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column: ‘€œCONSUMER DRIVEN HEALTH CARE NEEDS TO BE ENCOURAGED,‘€ author: John Torinus.

Fine. No surprise here. Torinus has been front-and-center in the battle against any meaningful health care reform in this state, instead calling for Health Savings Accounts, which don’€™t help anyone who doesn’€™t already have coverage and won’€™t help lower costs. See here, here, and here.

Exhibit B: November 12, 2008. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: ‘€œANTHEM, SERIGRAPH UNVEIL ‘€˜MEDICAL TOURISM’€™ HEALTH PLAN.‘€ So now Serigraph is sending their employees to India to get health care. Who’€™s the chairman of Serigraph? None other than John Torinus.

But wait, John’€¦I thought you said ‘€œconsumer-driven health care needs to be encouraged?’€ A quick perusal of the National Portal of India (the Indian Government’€™s Home Page) gives us an overview of the government-run health care program in India. Health care in India is overseen by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Hm. Sounds pretty SOCIALIST to me!

So let me get this straight. John Torinus doesn’€™t think the democratically-elected and publicly accountable government of the great state of Wisconsin can handle dispensing health insurance and reforming our broken health care system, but he has no problem footing the bill for his employees to travel halfway around the world to enjoy the benefits of SOCIALIZED, government-run health care, headed up by a foreign government?

I thought we were supposed to put OUR country first?

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