Walker Aide Pleads Guilty Today. Set Up Secret County E-Mail System Used by Previously Sentenced Brett Davis Campaign Fundraiser.

Brett Davis Remains Employed By Walker Administration

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross renewed a call made earlier this week for Gov. Walker to demand the resignation of top administration aide Brett Davis for his participation in a scheme to benefit his failed Lieutenant Governor campaign, at taxpayer expense, that has resulted in jail time for one former Walker aide and was featured among the criminal complaint brought against a second aide who pled guilty to an embezzlement charge today.

Ross commented, “Both the Walker aide who set up a secret e-mail system and the Walker aide who used the system to help raise campaign cash for Brett Davis during hours she was paid by taxpayers have pled guilty to felonies. Yet the man who benefitted from the scheme, Brett Davis, remains a top aide with a six figure salary in the Walker Administration.”

In commenting on the continuing criminal investigation of his administration, Walker indicated he would have fired the aide convicted of fundraising for Davis had he known about it. The aide in question, Kelly Rindfleisch, worked a mere twenty-five feet from Walker in the Milwaukee County Executive’s office. According to court documents, she was hired by Walker’s campaign after the investigation of her illegal activities began.

In addition, Ms. Rindlfeisch’s attorney publicly stated that Brett Davis was well aware of Ms. Rindlfeisch’s position as a public employee yet corresponded with her extensively about his campaign during her work hours as a public employee.

Ross concluded, “As more of Gov. Walker’s close aides and associates plead guilty to felonies and are sentenced to prison for illegal activity, Brett Davis’ continued employment becomes all the more unseemly and Gov. Walker’s denials of any knowledge of what was going on around him seem all the more hollow.”

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