Walker closes public to budget signing ceremony

With his approval rating tanking after signing a series of extremely anti-middle class policies, Republican Gov. Scott Walker made the obvious decision this year to close off the budget signing ceremony to the public. Walker and the GOP majority appear to be running from the public after they voted to destroy Wisconsin’s strong tradition of quality education, affordable health care, and strong worker rights in favor of carelessly handing out more tax breaks to big corporate special interests.

Walker wasn’t always so shy about discussing the state budget. During the years and years and years it took him to campaign for Governor, Walker never met a TV camera he didn’t like. He even rode a motorcycle across the state, conveniently stopping in each of Wisconsin’s media markets, to promote himself Milwaukee County. In 2005, Walker made a stop at the Executive Residence to “protest [former Gov.] Doyle’s failure to sign a property tax freeze, although Doyle had just signed one into law.”

With little facts to back up his message — and few believers in it (see photo) —Walker’s stunt was easily chalked up as an attempt to get some face time on TV in Madison.

Now, after months of pushing for the most extremely anti-middle class budget in our state’s history and essentially getting their way at every turn, the GOP majority is getting away with Gov. Walker closing off the budget signing ceremony to the public.

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